Nani releases her new and powerful single, «Mantra»


Nani, the young Venezuelan artist who is conquering the audience with her conceptual creativity and her ability to intertwine vulnerability and power, releases her new single “Mantra.”

The song, written by the artist together with Yorghaki and Aloisio and produced by Maria Vertiz and Camilo Vélez, was born in the middle of a trip to Miami in which Nani’s inspiration was unleashed and she began to compose every day.

Nani exposes herself in Mantra


Weeks ago, she had ended a relationship in which she had deposited her energy and enthusiasm and the artist, recognized for her honesty when composing, offered her experience and her pain to the creation of this new single.

The song talks about the experience of discovering that the person who seemed perfect for you is not really who you had dreamed of and you wonder why you can’t let go, while the words «I wanted it to be you» become an incessant “Mantra” in your head.

The production conveys the combination of feelings of sadness, nostalgia, anger and disappointment through a raw acoustic guitar and a rock chorus that encourages us to sing with all our hearts from the top of our lungs.

unnamed 2 - Nani releases her new and powerful single, "Mantra"
Mantra the new material from Nani.

The video for the song shows a person going through a roller coaster of emotions between pain and rage. Finally, thanks to a conceptual proposal in which she begins to persecute herself, we can understand that in this type of situation attachments tend to be a self-inflicted damage and that only by accepting the truth are we able to let go and heal.

Nani wanted to include her fans in the creation process, so the set design for the video includes items from her fans that evoke memories of their own “I wanted it to be you” experiences. The video also includes an “easter egg” of her upcoming single.

unnamed 1 1 - Nani releases her new and powerful single, "Mantra"
Nani appears stronger than ever.

With “Mantra,” the young artist once again reveals the sincerity of her creations and uses her own experience to get closer to her followers in a personal way: “We all have someone we wanted to be the one and it didn’t work out. Due to bad timing or misunderstandings.

This song puts that pain into words in the most real and purest way and finally compels us to let go of the feeling of something that will never be, no matter how much we want it,” says Nani. Without a doubt, many people will be able to identify with this single and will be able to connect directly with Nani. Stay tuned for more!